Adolescents face major changes throughout this period; in brain development, social development, forming a sense of identity and learning about the world. This can be particularly difficult in today’s society, with the increased responsibilities of social media and the internet. Adolescents may find it difficult to talk to their parents through this stage, even if the family has a close relationship.

At Astoria Clinic, our Adolescent Psychologist understands the ups and downs of adolescent development and we have knowledge in the research surrounding ‘Generation Z’; which allows us to relate to our adolescents and to empower them to become confident in themselves and their abilities.

If you are a parent or carer that is worried about your adolescent son or daughter and feel that he or she needs some additional support and assistance, please call us and make an appointment with our Teenage Psychologist.

About Astoria Clinic

Astoria Clinic is an established private practice owned by registered Psychologist, Joanna Bell, and based south of the river in Perth’s leafy suburb of Ardross.