Are you struggling with your child’s behaviour and not sure who to talk to about it? Are you concerned about your child’s tantrums or development, or worried about the impact of a recent stressor such as a divorce or birth of a new sibling? Or maybe your child has experienced a loss, bullying, or another potentially traumatic event. These are all issues we can help with at Astoria Clinic.

At Astoria Clinic, our Psychologists specialise in family counselling where we use play therapy to help parents and children strengthen the parent-child bond.

Research informs us that playing is a child’s natural way of communicating and thus is the perfect tool for our child counselling and therapy sessions with young children. If you’re concerned about your child’s behaviour or emotional well-being, we would love to help. Our Psychologists understand the importance of including caregivers in a child’s therapy and will include you every step of the way.

We understand that it isn’t easy to reach out for help for your child, but we are here to make sure therapy is helpful for both of you. In addition to supporting your child through play therapy, we can also create behaviour strategies that you can utilise at home. At Astoria Clinic, we use a combination of directed and non-directive play therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy to assist children to identify and manage their emotions, to build their confidence and resilience.

About Astoria Clinic

Astoria Clinic is an established private practice owned by registered Psychologist, Joanna Bell, and based south of the river in Perth’s leafy suburb of Ardross.